Wednesday, February 27, 2019

2 Tee Renovation

Yesterday, we began the renovation process on #2 white/blue tee. We removed the cool season sod off of the tee surface. We left the zoysia sod on the very front of the tee to allow members to play from that area for a few more days. We have also opened the old winter tee that sits above the 2 oak trees next to the cart path. Once this next batch of cold weather has lifted, we will remove the zoysia sod from the front of the tee and begin to dismantle the front area of the tee. The top foot or more of the tee appears to be good top soil so we will cap the two new teeing areas with this soil. The clay soil underneath will be used to expand the white tee to the right slightly and will be used to fill the back of the blue tee to extend it back another 10 yards or so. The front 15-20 yards of the long runway tee will be removed making two separate tees similar to what we did last spring on #5.

We expect to finish grade completed on the tee and sod placed in early April and plan to open the tee sometime in May.

There are a number of improvements that this new teeing area will provide:

  • Overall tee alignment will be pointed to the up hill side of the fairway and not down the right side of the rough.
  • The surface will be all zoysia which requires very few chemical inputs to grow. It will require a bit more light. The first Pin Oak has thinned considerably and will need to be removed in the next year or two once it has passed on to help give this tee enough light for proper growth.
  • The overall tee will be reduced in total size.
  • The tee will be raised above grade so that water will go around the tee and not flood the tee as it does now after heavier rain fall.
  • We will be able to get a few more yards distance out of the back tee for championship play as needed.

Sod cutter was used to strip off the turf.

Skip then used tractor to pull sod to the center of the tee for removal.

Piled up in the center and used the loader to move into the dump truck to remove from the site.

This is the front of the zoysia part of the tee. Still available for play for a few days until we remove it. Plan to use this sod if it holds together on some false front approaches on 7, 10, 13, 15 where we are removing the bent grass.

Sod removed and soil exposed.We dug a trench toward the back to allow water to drain through the tee. This same area will be larger as we reconstruct the tee but will be where the two tees are separated.

Red arrows pointing toward the temporary tee. The left to right players have had the advantage on this hole. Now, the right handed hook players will have there turn for a couple of months until the tee is ready. Time to learn that strong left hand grip for many of us!

The actual view from the temporary tee.

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