Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Course Conditions

Can't really tell where we will be past Friday right now. Think it will probably be too wet but we still have a couple of days of draining to go. We have some greens completely thawed and others we can't get a probe past the surface. Today's temperatures will help with getting rid of last night's snow/ice pellet cover. Areas east to north facing will probably still have some cover on until Thursday. Greens are full of moisture and will not be able to take much as you can see from the pictures during some of the melt. Water is going off the slopped greens over the surface.

Sloppy wet in almost all other areas on the course, tees, fairways and rough. Generally a sloppy mess everywhere. Of course these are just snap shots in time. Things will get worse as they completely melt away and the water attempts to move off the greens but they will also continue to drain down.

We will evaluate things on Friday for the weekend and will let you know how its going.

7 green

10 green

11 green

12 green

18 green

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