Monday, March 18, 2019

Spring Greens Aeration 'DryJect'

Our spring greens aeration was completed today using a process called DryJect. We contracted with DryJect Tennessee who brought two machines to Glen Echo to do the work. The following process was used for all 19 greens at Glen Echo. Our staff did an excellent job in getting this operation completed today!
  • Greens were mowed to create a smooth surface since we will not be mowing for the next few days to allow the sand to settle into the canopy.
  • 5 gallon buckets of sand were placed in the hopper as it crossed the green and were continuously added as it crossed back and forth across the green until the green was completely aerated.
  • The machine uses a bead of water shot at 3,000 psi into the surface of the green. Simultaneously sand is injected into the water. The sand fills the space created in the green subsurface to a depth of 4-5".
  • Once the sand dried on the green surface, the greens were brushed and holes were changed.
  • Tomorrow, we will rolling the greens to help smooth out any imperfections.
We expect the greens to heal over the next 10-14 days. The holes are completely covered and should not create a great deal of disruption in ball roll out.

This process improves water infiltration/drying of wet areas, root growth, thatch control, gas exchange, smooths the surface of the greens with the excess sand that was brushed around the surface, and helps to protect the crown of the plant which is the area where the roots grown down and leaves grow up.

Trailer used to hold sand
Closer view of the process on each green.

Aerial view of the operation on 15 green. Sand at each side of the green. About 25 tons of sand was used today.


 Sand on top of the machine. The clear tubes allow the kiln dried sand to be injected under the machine and into the green subsurface. The process taking approximately 30 minutes per green more or less.

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