Wednesday, May 8, 2019

True Grounds Management, More Than The Golf Course

The main focus of our work is of course the jewel of a golf course we have that dates back to 1901. One of the challenges we face is total staffing to manage other aspects of the outdoor property. We of course have the largest team of employees with overall grounds experience. Many golf management teams across the country manage other aspects of the grounds besides golf. In our case, roadways, building management from time to time which is being reduced with the work that Eric and Chuck are now accomplishing in the clubhouse maintenance operation. We also are involved in tennis court preparation and pool clean up, start up and physical plant operation.

Our work on the pool started during some bad weather in March when we decided it was time to drain the deep end and get the debris that had blown in since last fall and reduce the amount of algae that builds up from this material. Eliminating the water reduces the amount of staining in the deep end and decreases the amount of time power washing must be done later in April and May. Our pool does not have a cover which normally eliminates this material from accumulating. We then forgot about the pool for a few weeks until heavy rainfall began to fill the deep end multiple times. Then the time came to get serious which has included major power washing on a couple of occasions, crack repair in the plaster bottom and tile repair on the floor. Deck power washing and load after load of oak chip mulch hauled to the upper wall bed by the staff. Water planned for the pool on May 14th.

I've attached a video from today which shows some of the work we've accomplished so far.

The staff from previous posts is also involved in tennis court preparations. Luckily, we use our topdressing for parts of this operation but 130  80 pound bags of material have to be loaded into our topdressor one at a time and spread in one afternoon a couple of weeks ago.

Russ and Jason have worked the last two days nailing down the lines. Court 1 is finished and about 1/2 of court 2. Unless it rains all day tomorrow, it should be completed by the end of the day Thursday. We also have to put up the windscreens in the next couple of weeks. Clark Taylor, our new tennis professional said he will assist the guys in installing the screens which is most helpful. Skip has been working on patching the asphalt rest area next to the courts. We have a green paint waiting to be applied on the asphalt once the repairs have been completed.

Each tape has a nail hole approximately every 3". The single and double court boundary is 78' long so about 250 nails in each long tape. Think I figured about 2000 nails in each court which is basically done from your hands and knees. A back killing job by Russ and Jason.

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