Friday, November 15, 2019

Firewood for Sale

Every season, we split firewood that is used to heat our maintenance building and we also make it available for purchase to the membership, their families and friends. Wood can be picked up at the maintenance building with your own vehicle or can be delivered to your home and stacked. Our average expenditure for natural gas to heat our facility was over $ 3,000 before we were using a wood burner. We now pay under $1,000 burning some of the trees that are removed from the property.

We charge $75.00 for a truck load that you pick up(reduced price for SUV sized loads/car trunks) or
$125.00 for the wood including the delivery fee. Any delivery outside the 270 beltway will be increased based on your location. Deliveries are available Monday-Friday between 8-3. You do not have to be at home for the delivery. If you want to come to the shop to pick up wood, we are happy to help you load during the week before 3:00 p.m. Self service is available on the weekend as well but staff are off during the winter season. We split oak that is the dominant tree species on property. It has been split from at least the season before so it is of great quality and provides a great fire.

We bill the charges to your Glen Echo account. If its a family member or friend, we will accept a check for the charges or of course you can put the charge on your account. Please contact
Joe Wachter 314-575-7321 if you are picking up wood, would like a delivery and or if you have a question about the process. We do not make deliveries over the long Christmas break through New Year since a majority of the staff take vacation during the time.

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