Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bed Plantings

This past Sunday marked the beginning of our ornamental bed planting at Glen Echo CC. We have a few thousand annuals to go into the ground over the next couple of weeks as time and weather allows. I'm excited because I can now get them out of the greenhouse and into the ground. I'm also excited to see how this plant material will add to beauty of our facility for our members, guests and our staff who enjoy the grounds as well.

Golf Mound Coleus, Orange Magellan Zinnia and white Nicotiana make up the plant material on both sides of the formal entrance. I did have to add a couple of impatiens to the left of the door because of some extra shade that would not help a couple of the selections. Also, the left bed received a couple of New Gold Lantana after I was a couple of plants short of the Coleus. I guess my spacing was a little too close from the original plan.

Near the pro shop we've planted pink Elfin Impatiens mixed with the fuzzy and gray leaves of the Plectranthus Silver Shield and the Persian Shield. The Woodland Garden off of #9 is going through some pretty nice changes over the next few days. We've gotten a majority of the weeds knocked down and chemically treated. We will begin to mulch the dam side of the bed in the next couple of days. The tee side of the bed still needs some work. Our goal is to have this area cleaned up and pretty for Mother's Day at the club and then keep the area under control the rest of the season. We appreciate your patience as we try to accomplish or varied tasks on the property.

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