Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nature and some interesting sightings

Today, Lady and I were driving in to the shop via #18 cart path. Mr. Bob May was parking his cart at #1 green where we greeted each other. As I came to a stop, I noticed a lot of flying something in and around our carts and above in the tree. Bob walked quickly to the green and I pulled my cart a bit further away from the activity. Honey bees were swarming to encircle their queen and prepare to move to a hive site. Hollow trees seem to be their most favorite sites which we have many on the property of Glen Echo.

The first photo is the hive as it came together. Within about 15 minutes, this large group of bees went from a swarming group to one large massive group.

You can see #1 green in the background with the swarm of bees in mass in the middle right section of the tree. I got busy with other work and forgot to check and see if they were still there before I left tonight. I will check it in the morning to see if they are still there but I'm sure they have moved on to their summer home.

Have you seen our bluebirds floating around on the west side of the golf course? I saw a pair over along the ditch line on 13 today. We will have to spy their nest and get some pictures for you to see. Its great to have them on property. They love to eat insects.

I was sitting around the pro shop last week when I heard an interesting bird calling. As my interest in its beautiful sound began to desire my need to see the little guy, I finally spotted the guy in the Sweet Gum tree next to the pro shop. To my excitement, it was an Oriole in all its splendid orange color. I have since heard him in the short range area and around our maintenance building. What a great bird and you can't beat the color. Keep an eye out for this guy and see if you can't begin to spot him by his call and not just his color. I'll see if I can get a recording and play it back on the blog for you.

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