Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Interesting link

I like reading about anything I can get my hands on regarding the work that we do or in general anything having to do with the outdoors. In our jobs, we are not only concerned with turfgrass management but also, arborculture, horticulture, meteorology, soil science, and astrology.(Just kidding on the astrology part but I do look at the full moon phases for potential disease outbreaks)

I receive a weekly email blast from one of my vendors with information from Kansas State University Turfgrass extension service. The link below discusses a number of subjects which some of you might find interesting. Some of the discussion is golf course related but a number of the items are for general home owner use as well. The topics include:
  • lady bird beetles
  • grasshoppers
  • zoysia patch
  • prostrate spurge
  • drought stress or disease in turfgrass
  • pinching mums
  • accumulated stress to plants leading to death
  • Poison Ivy ID and control

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