Monday, June 15, 2009

I hope the algae microbes did'nt get washed out of the lake

A few pictures of the torrential rain we received this morning at Glen Echo. Over 2" in the gauge in which about 1.5" fell in about 30-45 minutes.
The irrigation lake on 15 over flowed its banks and dam. (Some of the pictures have script above them and toward the bottom the pictures have script to the side. Could not get the editing function to work properly)

The hazard is slightly wider than normal this morning. Looking from the spillway area back toward 15 tee.

The spill way has water coming into it from all sides.

Water over flowing the left side of the dam.

Looks like the Olympic rafting competition could take place here at Glen Echo.

Bottom of #3 fairway/rough.

New drain on #11 seems to be working pretty well. We do have water from above moving across the front half of the green but it is draining off of the green.

10 bridge just below the green. The water was going completely over the top of the bridge at #8.

Below 10 bridge going across to the bottom of #14.

Our small pond on 10 became pretty large pond.
It is over flowing its dam as well.
A pretty big torrent of water coming down the middle of our maintenance area.

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