Thursday, June 11, 2009

That Smell

No, I'm not speaking of that famous Lynyrd Skynyrd song "That Smell"
Here's the link to that song if you enjoy some classic rock.

No, what I'm speaking of is some material we put around the greens today. A little organic chicken litter fertilizer with some Ammonium Sulfate to try to kick in the zoysia a bit. The organic is good for soil building and is a slow release fertilizer and the ammonium sulfate is good for warm season turfgrass. If you would like more information, check out the link below.
We plan to put a little application on the greens in the next few days when we can water it
in so that smell might be around again.

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Allvira said...

Are you means about Organic fertilizers- These are found in animal manure, crop residues or by-products of an organism and act as great plant growth regulators. These are naturally rich in three major nutrient components known as potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus.
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