Thursday, July 2, 2009

Poa annua killing around greens

Our greens, tees, fairways, rough, asphalt, flower beds and about any other structure is not immune to this horrible turf. It is actually a really good putting surface in the north where it is the dominant species for greens but is a real pest for us. It invades our surrounds as you know and we are required to do a couple of things. Hopefully, in August-September we applied a pre-emergent in time to keep seeds from germinating. From our crop and from my admission, we were a little slow in accomplishing this task since I had other more important matters to take care of when I first arrived on the course. We plan this late summer to hit our timing properly which should reduce some of our poa annua. Also, changing over to cool season surrounds should help us as well since poa is a cool season grass along with the fescue which will be replacing some of the zoysia/bermuda areas. We can treat with growth regulators around our greens against the poa annua which will discourage it from staking too much of a claim. We cannot eliminate is completely but reduce it somewhat.

We applied Revolver with small applicator to reduce chances for damage to our bentgrass/poa collars or greens.

From the pictures below, you can see the orange poa which is dying. We have abandoned any further spraying of this product for the rest of the season because any grass or weed so to speak that is alive at this time of the year is good. Yes, green or some shade thereof is good.

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