Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rhizoctonia Brown patch disease in fescue

Brown patch disease hit our turf type fescue during the severe heat spell the last couple of weeks. Brown patch is a disease that loves high day time temperature but really loves high night temperature with higher humidity levels. If you have a fescue lawn, your lawn probably looks like the couple of pictures I have posted at the bottom of the page.
Also, check out the article from Kansas State University for ugly pictures of diseased yards and in depth detail of the disease. This disease is also prevelant on golf courses but we reductions in fertilizer inputs on greens and our preventative fungicide programs should reduce the chances of our greens getting this disease in any widespread outbreak. knock on wood, I have not seen any yet on our greens.
This is the front of the new short blue tee box on #10. You can see the larger patches on the left. It can look a little like drought or dry turf if the patches are not real symmetric.

You can see how large these patches can be up against my camera case. We treated all of our new fescue areas plus all of our cool season surrounds to reduce the effects of this disease. It can be more than a cosmetic type disease, especially in stands of solid fescue turf. We do not treat our main rough areas for disease due to high expense and the amount of acreage our rough area covers. We only attempt to treat close areas around tees and in green complex areas which are highly visible if the turf is not completely full.

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