Monday, August 10, 2009

Expanding the edge of the woodlands garden

The woodland garden which is around the dam side of #9 is irrigated and has heads that are right at the mulch/grass line. As our mowers go around the edge of the bed, they have hit a head or two along the way. Assistant Skip who was repairing a head one day, suggested we expand the edge of the bed out one sod strip which will place the heads two feet into the bed and will eliminate our issue. Good suggestion by Skip. Last week the guys stripped the sod out, formed a nice edge for holding the mulch in place, weed eating and then hauled in some of the chipped oak mulch we made from the brush that is removed from the golf course grounds.

We do need to improve some plant material on the tee side of the woodland bed but our goal this season was to get the weeds removed and get the bed under control. We've also attempted to improve the overall look of the bank and reduce erosion of the bank with some cocoa mat fiber which has appeared to work well so far.

Jose after the sod was removed forming the edge.

Russell was doing the same a little further around the curve after operating the sod cutter.

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