Monday, August 10, 2009

Ornamental plantings, most good, a few not so good!

Our ornamental beds continue to improve with each passing day. We've had some really good plantings and a couple of real stinkers but that is they way it goes sometimes. I wish we did not have any stinkers but prefer if we have one that they be flower beds and not golf greens. Our intial plants were on the small side and were not wide based which helps to build the strength in most ornamental plantings. Not enough pinching of the plants were done and our pots probably need to be slighly larger for next season. Also, delaying a week or two the planting would also reduce some of the plants which flowered early and used up some valuable energy when planted.
We will be doing some research in the late fall and early winter on new varities of plants and will tweak our overall program. A meeting or two will be on our calendar with the GPHA(Greater Professional Horticultural Association) comprised mostly of those whom support or work in the country club golf horticulture industry.

The planting along the walk path to the pro shops have been growing well. The orange zinnias with the purple mexican heather and the Angelonia have done well. The melopdium in yellow and the New Look celosia in red have been a good combination as the mixed colored coleus and the green eyed susans which are not pictured.

Assistant Mike planted Dr. Ott's clock. Not a lot of plant experience but did a nice job.

The two big pots in front of the pro shop are nice with the dragon wing begonia, black pearl pepper, yellow coleus, red pentas and red surfinia petunias. I've been a little disappointed in the petunias, they have not done very well in any of the beds.

The bed near the short range is contineuing to improve. I think in the next couple of weeks the 3 giant copper plant will be spectacular as they continue to increase in size.

The front of the clubhouse continues to expand. The hostas are beginning to flower but the white nicotiana in the front is rather weak. The gold mound coleus and the zinnia appear to like each other. They are blending in well together.

The mound is continueing to improve but is a bit disappointing. Too wet in early season, too wet in mid season and hopefully will be better from this point on. Is showing some good signs on the road side with the yellow coleus and Angelonia beginnig to expand. I think the mound is due for a major overhaul before next season. The liriope is overgrown and full of weeds and the bushes on the clubhouse side are worn out as well.

A major disappointment for me this season. The red salvia at 13 tee have improved drastically but the salvia that were to be in the middle of this bed had to be pulled out. I replaced them with some verbena that looked great initially and have since began to fade away. The ageratum in front and blue salvia in the back have been ok but I'm sure having trouble with this guy. Maybe mums in the middle are the answer. Still kind of early but pretty late for anything else.

The giant copper plant is doing its thing as the anchor on each side of the flagpole bed. The shrimp plants are dong well too!

The main entrance pots are doing fairly well. Elephant ears are doing well as is the diffenbachia trailing over the edge.

The planting next to the scoreboard is rounding into great shape and is great to see from the road. The pink impatiens fire up each end and the combination of purple, yellow and silver in the middle from the plecanthrus is doing well. Hopefully, we will get some good scent from the purple heliotrope in the next month or so.

This pot was upstairs on the patio but thought more would enjoy it down by the scoreboard.

Our hollowed out tree trunk has made for an awesome planter on the right side of the scoreboard. Thanks again to Dr. Barton for the cannas which majestically keep climbing higher and higher.

The banana tree planter continues to improve as well. I'm slighly disappointed in a couple of the other planter on the patio. Too wet, too dry, more fertilizer, wrong plants. Even the sweet potato vines don't look happy.

The bed underneather the weak and dying cherry tree improves with each day. A bit disappointed in the front and back of the bed but everything else is doing well. The green eyed susan's are doing great on the property.

A bed that is 2/3 good but will improve with age. Front 1/3 died or was pulled out before invitational and the replacements are slow to move. I think this will improve in time as well. Its going to have to because we are done planting for the season.

The bed at the field bar continues to improve. We are trying to rid the tree of the critters that are harming its leaves. The coleus and celosia continue to expand and fill in place.

Ahhh, what a dog, I mean flower bed. That black shiny coat sure brings out the colors in those flowers. I know some wonder why two contrasting beds side by side. I can't answer why except that in my artistic moment of planning the beds, I thought two beds of the same type would be boring and only give you half the pleasure. As you would walk on and off, you would only have to look once. Now you have to look twice because there is something different on both sides.

4/12 tee bed will improve in time. We removed the false sunflower which were too large and would lay over on their side. This bed will flower well into fall and should attract some nice butterflies.

I'm really proud of the flagpole bed. I felt we needed some plants with some height but we also needed to see through it to enjoy a great entry shot into the 18th green. I've always loved the chinese foxtail grass because of its height and flower. The chartruse color of the sweet potato is blending well with the reds, oranges and purples. The flag pole itself is covered in reds, and blacks and the black pearl pepper plants are doing well.

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