Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd water line repair completed

The staff had a cold, nasty and tough job to do this week. We noticed a large ice field over near the cart gate on the 18 rough side of the tennis courts a few weeks ago. Initially, we thought it was water draining off of the tennis courts but in the end, figured out it was the old water line which feeds the pro shop/maintenance building that was leaking. The staff worked on the 1" line next to the pro shop last week which we found as well. The pipe leading from the shutoff toward the pro shop is a 3" line. Somewhere between the tennis courts and the pro shop the line reduces down to a 1" line.

Initially, the guys dug by hand in an area about 3-4' from the hole below. In probing through the soil profile, they found a pipe that they thought could be the problem but it appears to have been an old irrigation metal line. Turning the water back on gave them a better idea where the water was coming from and the digging began a couple of feet away from the original hole. Water came back on and they found the actual section that was leaking. They then brought the backhoe in to do the heavy digging which exposed the hole below.

Assistant Mike in the hole cleaning off the deteriorated outer band of the pipe to find the actual section that was leaking.

Skip as Russ checking out the situation.

Another view down into the hole.

The completed repair below. The leak was coming from where the pipe was threaded together.
I've wondered why the water comes from so far away to feed the maintenance building and pro shop. I had forgotten that the original clubhouse was located where the tennis courts are today. This is the original water line that fed our club potable water back in the beginning. One of these days, this old line is probably going to have to be abandoned. It would make more sense to bring our water in from the clubhouse main which is a great deal closer than the existing feed area that we have right now but that will be for another time.

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