Monday, February 15, 2010

Water leak

The pro shop and golf maintenance department share a city water line that comes from Lucas & Hunt Road via the Halfway house. A long way to bring water but that is the way the system is set up. Each winter, the old line will spring a leak or two. Skip and Russ got the honors in repairing the first leak just below the pro shop this past week. The repair required us to cut through part of the asphalt/concrete to get to the pipe. The repair required a couple of threaded couplers and a piece of pvc pipe.
The failures in the line seem to occur from the shutoff next to the 17 green side of the tennis courts to the two buildings. You might remember the repair behind 18 green late last winter. There will probably be a time in the future when the line will need to be replaced.
Hole with completed repair.

A second leak has sprung up between the tennis courts and the first line of trees along #18 which they started to dig up late last week. We plan to complete the second repair in the next day or two.

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