Thursday, February 4, 2010

Equipment Maintenance

Our mechanic, Harry White working on one of our riding greens mower units. Harry is rebuilding one of the three reels for the unit. These units are used in the early and late season and during our sanding operations during the season. The reel is sharpened on a regular basis which wears down the reel to the point where it will not make contact with the grass. He will rebuild one unit now and have it ready for the beginning of the season. Harry plans to rebuild the second unit after our deep core aeration is completed in March. The mowing operation after aeration will trash the 2nd set of old reels which will then be replaced.

Harry does a fine job in maintaining our equipment and also operates equipment during some of the busier times of the year like aerating greens, fairways and during the extra mowing required during "The Invitational".

Harry putting reel back together.

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