Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tree Removal Front Lawn

In the past month, we had noticed some severe damage to a large Black Oak that was in the front right corner of the clubhouse lawn.  A great tree that had been trimmed severely in years past.  This tree only had 4 large limbs that remained.  Three large branches grew in a clump toward the main road and the 4th branch which was the largest grew toward the portico of the formal entrance.  We noticed an extremely large crack in the limb growing toward the building.  This limb had to be removed.  Once that limb was removed, the tree was going to be completely out of balance.  The tree also had a substantial lean in its main trunk toward the road which put more pressure on the root system.  We removed the main trunk of the tree yesterday.

The picture below is the limb that was cracked.  As you can see, it was substantial in the length of the crack and the size of the limb which was 14-18" in diameter.

After the main trunk of the tree was dropped, you can see the real danger in this tree. It was completely hollow at the base.  Lady is inspecting our work.  4' diameter tree.
Assistant Mike doing some saw work.  Russ, Jason and Tom all pitched in to cut and haul away the remanents of the tree.
Looking down into the base of the tree trunk.  Not very much wood left in keeping this old tree standing.

I hate seeing an old tree that is not harming golf turf conditions having to be removed but in this case it had served its useful purpose here at Glen Echo.  The stump that still remains will be ground out in the next couple of days.

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