Friday, February 26, 2010

Stump grinding

The 9 foot diamter tree that we removed from hole #7 had to be removed to the ground in preparation for the arrival of the stump grinder today.  Our monster saw with a 48" blade went down so the guys had to use a different saw with only a 30" bar.  Tough job but it had to be completed.

Pictured below is assistant Mike and Russ chopping away.  Mike had already completed a great deal of cutting around the base of the tree.  Now it was time to work up a little higher.
The stump grinder beginning the process of removing the stump.

The aftermath of at least 2-3 hours of grinding.
A majority of this material will be hauled away.  If a large amount of dirt is mixed in with the ground material,  it will be used to help fill in the hole.  If there is too high a concentration of wood chips, dirt will have to be brought in so we will be able to grow grass over this spot.  The wood chips can pull too much nutrition out of the soil robbing the turf of the energy it needs to grow.  10 of the larger stumps were ground today.  This material will be removed early next week.

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