Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bermuda eradication program in first cut of rough

Asst. Mike was out spraying the first cut of rough around a majority of our fairways this morning to reduce the competitiveness of the bermuda grass and continue the process of pushing it further away from the main play areas of the course.  In some cases it was one pass and  in other areas it was two or more.  We basically were spraying between the cart path and a pass or two on the other side of the fairway.  If the area was heavily shaded, it was skipped because bermuda is not as competitive in the shade as it is in the full sun.
We sprayed about 10 acres of rough.  We are going to evaluate some of the areas between the tees and fairway for possilbe spraying in this program as well.

This spray will also kill broaleaf weeds such as knotweed, clover and dandelions which are prevelant on our golf course.

Asst. Mike  spraying between the bunker and approach on hole #18.

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