Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Asphalt repair on #18 cart path completed

The staff completed the cart path repair along #18 this morning.  A little more backhoes work yesterday to remove the disrupted surface and the roots that were pushing up the asphalt.
Asst. Skip and Russ putting the final touches on the cart path repair work on #18.

The damaged section of cart path caused by the tree roots from the tree being planted too close to the cart path.  
The path after it was repaired back to normal


John said...

Excellent work on the cart path repair! Nearby trees could really cause problems if they're planted near walkways, as their roots tend to crack the asphalt concrete up. A few months ago, I had the same problem in my backyard, I had to fixed it with a minimal foundation repair cost. Good thing, that the foundation repair techniques used were very effective, efficient, and will surely prove to be strong and sturdy.

I've heard about Glen Echo Country Club from one of my relatives. I hope to drop by soon, Joe!

demotutorial said...

You did a very neat job with the asphalt repair! Kudos to you and your team.
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