Tuesday, April 13, 2010

North/approach side of #8

We seem to have the same problem each season with the green side of the main entrance road of #8. We have a large amount of fine leafed bermuda on this section of approach which is usually ugly until June and  the bermuda is susceptible to spring dead spot.  It will usually grow out of this ugly condition in the next few weeks but will be a little unsightly until then.  We currently do not have this part of #8 fairway in our bermuda eradication program since a large section of the approach fairway would look like asphalt if we killed all of the bermuda.  When the golf course was converted to zoysia in 1995, this was the only section of fairway that was not treated with RoundUp before the grass was stripped away.  This is the reason for the heavy infestation of bermuda.

#8 approach with spring dead spot.  Smaller tan circles.
An example of the size of the spots in comparison to my camera case.  The spots are about the size of a cantaloupe.

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