Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Golfing members favorite two words"Fairways Only"

It was great to change the cart rule today to allow all golf carts off  the paths and onto the fairways.  Our golf season has arrived.  Our fairways will not be fully growing until June when soil temperatures have reached 75-80 degrees.  Just a few reminders about the use of carts on the golf course for the golf season.

  • It is helpful if carts enter the fairway in a 90 degree angle from the left or the right.  This prevents the turf from between the tees to the fairways from being worn too severely.  Once you've entered the fairway, we request that all carts stay on the fairway only unless you are ready to proceed to the green. 

  • Attempt to use different routes when reentering the cart path area to proceed to the green.  It is obvious during the warmest part of the season where the traffic is traveling each day from the tracks made by the golf carts.  Alternating from all the other tracks will protect our rough turf.

  • The green and yellow striped poles that are placed on both sides of the fairway before each green are the closest point to the green that a golf cart should proceed.  All carts should be taken back to the cart path before reaching these poles.  This includes both sides of the fairway.  All carts should pass between the tee and poles when proceeding to the green.  We move the poles frequently to reduce cart wear patterns.

  • There some zoysia areas of fairways that are weaker than others.  Most of these areas are near the edges of the fairways where heavy shade reduces the vigor of the zoysia.  Driving around or keeping carts out of these areas will be most helpful to the turf whenever possible.

  • The middle of the fairways are usually where the strongest turf is located.  Of course if we all could hit down the middle, that would be where we would be driving. 
Fairways only, its a great time to be out on the course! 

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