Saturday, April 10, 2010

Broadleaf weed control

Mike started our broadleaf weed control applications today.  We normally start at the end of March but rain and aeration got in the way plus high winds prevented us from spraying last week.  We do not intend to do a wall to wall application but will be area spraying high visible areas, green surrounds, tee surrounds, first cut of rough, clubhouse lawn and other areas.  One of the more prevelant weeds that we have on the golf course is prostrate knotweed(Pg 19 in the MU Turfgrass and Weeds guide). 

Assistant Mike out spraying the short range tee area which has a large number of dandelions(Pg 17 in MU Turfgrass ans Weeds guide) and other broadleaf weeds. 
Our close cut of rough will be sprayed in the next couple of weeks as our bermuda rough comes out of dormancy with our combination product that we are utilizing for our bermuda eradication program in the rough.  One of the two products is a broadleaf weed control which assists us in taking care of two different problems at once, injures the bermuda and kills boradleaf weeds.

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