Monday, April 12, 2010

Cart path repair #18 150 yards out

There was a silver maple growing next to the cart path on hole #18 that was allowed to grow too close to the path. Not only was the tree a hazard for carts passing by but it was raising up the cart path creating an issue for carts and equipment to pass safely.  It was getting to the point where golf carts and our riding greens equipment were having to go around the spot and driving out onto the turf.   The tree was removed and we are in the process of removing the asphalt and placing a new patch over that section of cart path.  We cut the asphalt today and some of the roots which interrupted the surface of the asphalt.  The remaining work will be completed tomorrow morning.

Russ cutting through the asphalt with a saw.  A dirty job.

I'll post updated pictures of the completed asphalt patching and drainage work on #12 once the work is finished by the staff.

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