Monday, April 12, 2010

Installed drainage on hole #12

I posted a picture the other day regarding the water problem that we are having in the middle of the fairway of #12 with an explanation of what we believe created the issue.  An old clay tile became clogged and was backing up and leaking out into the fairway. 

This morning, the staff trenched a drainage line from the clay pipe at about 145 yards from the green to the bottom of the swale at about 110 yards.  There is an existing drain tile that helps in removing water through the swale area.  Assistant Skip cut off the zoysia sod and Assistant Mike and myself pulled the sod off of the run.  Skip did the trenching and Russ and Skip laid the solid 4" pipe and backfilled and tamped the dirt back into place.  The only thing left to do is to lay the sod back in place in the morning.  Only one picture of the operation, we were busy verticutting, topdressing, dragging, mowing and spraying greens while the fellas were finishing the drainage work.

Assistant Skip aligning the trencher to continue down to the bottom of the hill.  The existing sod will be laid tomorrow back in place.  Behind Skip and to the right is the spot where the water was coming out throughout the winter.(Straw colored turf)  We will probably have to replace most of the sod in that spot.

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