Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fairway mowing and CARTS OFF PATHS

For those of you who have played in the last couple of days, you've probably noticed that the fairways are a little shaggy in some areas and you are probably wondering when will we allow carts off the paths for everyone.  We plan to begin mowing early next week and will allow carts off paths once we have started the mowing process.  During the season, carts will be asked to remain on paths because of rain.  There are occassions that red flags will not be allowed off of the paths as well.  Once it begins to dry, we will check the course and will notify the pro shop when red flags are acceptable again and when all carts can be off the path.

We have not mowed and let carts off paths because the turf/soil is still slightly soft and I felt we needed a couple more days of warm, dry weather before both my equipment and carts could go off paths without causing injury to our zoysia.

We appreciate your cooperation during the dormant period of the season for our zoysia fairways.  There could be some areas that will not handle traffic for the next few weeks where you might be directed by signs or stakes and rope for you to remain out of these areas.  Roped areas are set up to protect the turf and our members.  No carts including red flaged carts should enter a roped area. 

Areas which could potentially be excluded could include:
  • Bottom of the hill on 3 to the pull off area.
  • Approach of #8 on the north side of the road.
  • The bottom of the hill on #10 to the green.
  • #12 at the start of the fairway and around the 150 yard mark to bottom of the hill.
Remember, carts are to stay in the fairway only except for your return to the cart path.  Also, some areas of the rough are extremely wet this time of season.  The rule is to stay in fairways only but we know that some might stray a little off center.  Be warned that if you drive into some of the areas listed below,  you will get stuck:
  • Right side of the trees on #2.
  • Right of the cart path on #3.
  • The entrance to the fairway in front of the red tee on #4.
  • Left of the cart trail on # 7 along the tees to #5. 
  • Right side of #8 approach in the trees.
  • #10 in front of white tees to the lake and on both sides of  right cart path until it crosses the lake.
  • Right side 10 rough  before 15 tee next to the lake.
  • #12 between red tee and fairway and the bottom of the hill at about 125 yds from green on both sides of the fairway.
  • Far right side rough #12 along prairie grass area(I've been stuck mowing)
  • #13 bottom right of the fairway which we hope to address in the next few weeks.
  • Between # 15 & #16 once you cross the dam for about 75 yards on the right.
  • #16 to the lower right of the green approach.

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