Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drainage issue #13

The bottom of the hill on the right side of #13 has become a very wet area over the last year.  It appears that drains are clogged and the native grass area has become silted in  and is preventing water from draining  from 13 into the drains and out of the area.
We are digging a small surface drainage  trench with our backhoe thru the native area to allow the water to move out of the rough adjacent to the fairway on #13.  We are investigating some of the additional drainage in that area to see if there are sections that are clogged with roots or other foreign material.  Our first objective is to give the water somewhere to go.  As the area next to the fairway begins to dry, we will then attempt to get the water underground in a pipe so we can keep this area dry for hitting a shot and mowing.

The area in question at the bottom of the hill in the right rough of #13.  The tall green grass is just off of the begining of the fairway.  #12 is in the background.
Asst. Skip digging a trench about 1' deep and the width of the bucket through the bottom of the native area between 13 and 12.  Russ in the background preparing to haul the material to the upper part of the native area where there is little native grass.  This material will be transplanted in this area and should work well.
Another view of the same area.

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