Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greenhouse plants update

I thought I would give you an update on our greenhouse plant program.  The plants are progressing nicely.  They've all had a pinch or two to help them spread and watering has been insane with 85 degree temperatures for newly formed plants.  Three times a day during part of the growing process.

Our plant sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 8th.  We will have a number of annual varities available for sale.  Some wonder why we host the sale so late while most garden centers are going crazy right now.  I plan the material for planting around the middle of May to protect from cold and or a cool wet period which is not very forgiving for some of the warm weather natured plants we have selected.  Also, are plants are not to size yet to be planted since we bring them in as late as possible to reduce heating costs and the labor reequired to maintain the plants on a daily basis.  Leave a section of garden or a pot or two to fill with Glen Echo plants if you are in a hurry to get things planted.  For our ladies, feel free to come down and check out the plant materials before our after your opening day round this week. 

Hurrah Red Petunias
Geraniums(Not large quantities)
Sweet Potato Vine(3 varieties)
Dragon Wing Begonias
Sun Coleus
Mexican Petunia(Purple)
Shrimp Plant Red
Mexican Heather(Purple)
New Gold Lantana
Zinnia Profussion orange
Super Elfin Impatiens (Pink and Cherry Star)
Bonaza Marigolds
Celosia yellow
Zinnia Magellan Red
Victoria Salvia
Vinca Pacific Burgandy
Black Pearl Ornamental Pepper
Hostas from the course
Red Canna lily
and a few other plants 

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