Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fairway Bermuda Eradication Program

We  have not started any treatments on our fairway bermuda eradication program this season but I wanted to show  you a couple of pictures of how our treatment program is working.  I expect if the weather cooperates over the next few days that we will make some spot applications on a majority of our fairways on the golf course.  We will also be doing some treatment in the first cut of the main rough areas  as well.

I saw a presentation in Kansas City over the winter by Mr. David Stone who is the superintendent at the Honors Club in Chatanooga, TN.  David is one of the most respected superintendent's in our business.  He has been involved with a great deal of testing of bermuda eradication products.  We are going to begin testing Fusilade II to potentially replace Acclaim Extra in our combination spray.  There was an issue with Fusilade used at this club a few years ago but it was an application error made by a contracted service.  The cost of this product versus the Acclaim plus the potentially less harm that the spray has on our zoysia are the reasons why we will be testing this product.  We will make some initial test applications on our nursery areas  and will keep you informed of the results.  Once we feel confident about the material, we will begin to move it into our regular rotation. 

The first picture is at the bottom of #7 fairway.  The top part of the picture is zoysia and the lower half of the picture is bermuda that has not been treated since we started the program in the fall of 2008.  The bermuda is very healthy and  is in need of a mowing it is growing so fast.
The picture below is of #4 fairway at about 200 yards or so off of the tee in the middle of the fairway.  This spot of bermuda is almost completely dead.  There are a few small hairs of bermuda trying to emerge.  This spot has probably been sprayed about four times since we started the program. 

There is a stark difference between the straw look of the bermuda in the bottom of the picture versus the healthy look of the bermuda in the top picture.

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