Wednesday, April 7, 2010

12 fairway drainage issue

Over the winter, our staff noticed that the zoysia sod on #12 fairway directly in the middle about 130 yards from the green was pushed up slightly and water was draining from the spot.  It was not water from our irrigation system since it was shut down and the water was blown out of it in December.  We thought it might be water getting into an old irrigation pipe and draining out.  Most of those lines were tapped off by the new irrigation system installers 3 years ago.  It was time to get this problem corrected so Skip and Russ went out and started to do some digging.

I've identified the various spots in the picture below fyi.(Double click on the picture in blog will increase the size of the picture and allow you to read notations on the picture)

When we went out to explore, we found another spot up the hill which had become very wet as well.(Clay pipe)  The original spot  had water squirting out of the soil above the new irrigation line.  We went up to the other hole and found an old  3" clay tile drain line where the pipe were butted up against one another, not the end of the pipe placed in a bell. It appears to be running at an angle across the fairway from right to left toward the flat area at the bottom of the hill.  Skip came walking up the hill along the new irrigation pipe and noticed that the sod above the line was caving in.  Either the water from the upper area or the drainage pipe which is crossing the line found a soft spot in the soil where the new irrigation piple was pulled through the fairway.  

We are first going to attach a drainage pipe to the upper section of the clay pipe and trench a line down to the flat area where we can attach into an existing drain line that runs across the fairway.  Hopefully, this will eliminate the water from coming out of the original spot.

Clay pipe that is draining water from somewhere above this area.  This hole is at the top right of the previous picture.
Area that is sunk in the middle of the fairway where the water that backed up has found a path and eroded soil away from pipe until it came out of the ground at original spot in fairway.
Original spot that we were concerned with over the winter.  The hole is full of water again after we pumped it down yesterday.  You can see the excess water coming out of the dig hole and the soil/algae that is building up on the turf.

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