Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ornamental bed cleanup and bench/ball washer area mulcing

As the weather has warmed over the last few days, so has the pace of our perennial ornamental plants on the golf course.  The guys spent Monday pruning, raking, blowing and spreading pre-emergent on our ornamental beds.  We are also beginning the process of spreading mulch over the beds to give them a fresh look for the season.  This year, we are using a new mulch called Black Forest from St. Louis Composting which I believe will be more beneficial for our plants.  Its a combination of leaf compost and mulch.  It has a much darker color and I believe it will hold its color for a longer period of time.  The compost will also be very beneficial for the soil and should begin to improve the health of our plants over the years.  I believe that plants should be the real show of an ornamental bed but I do understand the need for mulch to be freshened up after a few months.

Jason edging and touching up the tee area on #8

Nick and Tom clearing the leaves from the bed on Tee #7.

The sunroom ornamental bed with the new mulch spread over the top.

The planting outside the swimming pool fence.

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