Tuesday, June 22, 2010

# 8 tee renovation update

Great progress today on the new white/blue tee complex on hole #8.  The tee was laser leveled and sodded, part of the cool season surround was sodded and the remaining surround will be sodded tomorrow morning after some finish grading off the front of the tee bank and completion of the natural stone curbing/wall which will hold the back of the tee in place.

Mike McNeil from Laserturf Leveling which is a part of Schaeffer-Meyer from St. Charles beginning the process of finish grading the tee.

Mike continuing to go in circles around the tee.  The tractor has a receiver unit that tells the scraper to raise or lower the box depending upon if the slope needs more and or less dirt.
Mike is scraping the bank of the tee to smooth out the walk on and walk off areas of the tee.
Pretty much all hands on deck after lunch except for a couple of rough mowers.  Assistants Mike and Skip, Russ, Tom, Jason, Arian and Ryan all pitching in with the process.  We brought in 30 yard rolls of big roll sod which allows sod laying to become a thing of beauty and speed but the tee had areas that were soft and pumping so we rolled the sod out on the side and cut the pieces in 6-8' sections and carried them onto the tee.  We wanted to use the large roll sod because there are less seems that have to heal and it can be placed into play quicker than normal 3' slabs.  The staff started laying the sod at 90 degrees and finished at 95 degrees at 2:30.  A tough job.  Russ is putting a cooling shot of water on the sod as it was being laid.  Not too much to create excessive problems for us but enough to bring the sod out of shock.  Once the sod  was completely laid, we started to give it a good drink of water.  It will be kept very moist to wet while it begins to send down roots and begins to grow.  It is important that we keep plenty of moisture in the root zone so the turf will be healthy and the tee will open on time.    You can see the lengths of sod in the foreground on the cart path after they were cut and are then being hauled out onto the tee.
The teeing ground completed covered with zoysia.  It looks outstanding.  Still some border work to do.
A view of the tee surround cool season turf being placed around the tee.
A fully completed tee complex coming tomorrow.

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