Thursday, July 1, 2010

Needle tining/venting greens

We made our 2nd needle tining/venting of our greens this week.  It was great timing to vent our greens during this week of cooler weather.  The last few weeks have been a little stressful for our greens with the high heat and humidity.  Here is the link to the last post regarding our needle tining and what we hope to achieve using this process.  Our next venting will be toward the end of the month after the Invitational. 
Assistant Skip got the honors of riding the tractor for about 2 days of needle tining work.

The verti-drain aerator doing its work.  A very non-disruptive practice but very beneficial for our turf.

The holes might be visible for an extra day or two during the more stressful times of the summer but we try to reduce impacts on putting quality by rolling the greens after the venting process which helps to smooth any imperfections caused by the work.

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