Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4, 14 Bunker restoration project

Well, four days are in the books for our bunker project.  The two right side bunkers were completed today.  We had to spread sand and laid about 200 yards of fescue and 100 yards of zoysia.  We will begin to increase our watering of the area since the temperatures and winds are beginning to increase.  Expect over the next 5-10 days that the area around the bunkers will be soft.  Please enter and exit at the lowest points to retrieve golf balls. 

We have to do some major course work tomorrow to get the place cut and trimmed for the weekend but I expect to get some work completed on the back bunker tomorrow afternoon.  Drainage and liner installation and hopefully sand placed in the bunker tomorrow.  Sodding of the bunker will probably take place on Saturday.   All the staff have been working tirelessly on this project.  Morning duties for 2-3 hours and then over to the bunker project.

Jeff, Russ and Tom spreading sand in the right rear bunker.  Jason working with Skip in laying the fescue around the bunkers.

Staff laying the zoysia in the approach and intermediate cut around the green.

Fescue sod half completed around the right bunkers.  You will notice that the sod is up over the bottom of the turf.  That is being done to protect the intergrity of the bunker edge and reduce some of the soil that might enter the sand before the sod has a chance to become fully rooted.  We will go in next spring and reform the edge exposing about 1-2" of edge above the sand.

Zoysia on the approach.

Water flying, 2 right bunkers completed.  We water mostly with a hose to insure that all areas get adequate moisture and we can hit some of the more stressed looking sod with more water as needed.

From the back right corner of the green complex looking back toward the tee.

Day 4 complete.

A close up view, IT'S AWESOME!

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