Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 3, 14 Bunker Restoration

Well, day 3 is complete and so is the first bunker.  The two bunkers on the right will be filled with sand and sod will be laid on Thursday.  We have decided to continue with the intermediate cut(1.25") between the left bunker and the two right bunkers that tie into the walk path from the tees.  One pass of intermediate will go around the left and right side of the green and the bank behind the right side bunkers will stay at the shorter height just like we have been doing this season.  The remaining area around the bunkers and next to the cart path will be fescue mowed at 2.25 inches.

Just a reminder, the complete construction area will be ground under repair for a couple of weeks to allow the sod to take root and the sand to settle.  You will be able to enter the areas to retrieve your golf ball but we ask that you go to an established turf area for your next shot.  This includes the bunkers as well to prevent bunker shots from hanging up in the new turf in case you do not reach the green surface.  The new sodded areas will have to be kept moist to assist with the growing process and should not be walked on except to retrieve a golf ball. 

Skip leading the staff in laying big roll fescue down the face of the left bunker.  Keeping the sod in longer pieces will reduce the chance of washing and movement in case players have to walk on the new area to retrieve their golf ball.

A few more pieces of sod added to the left bunker bank.

Bunker face completed and additional rolls being placed around the bunker.  Also, staff shoveling sand into the different areas of the bunkers.  The stakes are in place to assist with the proper depth of the sand.  We are placing 6" of sand which will be compacted to about 5" with water and a vibratory plate.

The completed front left bunker.  Its a beauty!

Another view of the front left bunker.  The pipe in the foreground is a clean out pipe in case some type of blockage would occur that we could attempt to aleviate with a blast of water but we do not expect this to occur.  It will be capped and covered.

Trenching of the right front bunker.

Trenching of the right side rear bunker.

Drainage being installed in the trenches.  Pea gravel of a couple of inches is placed in the trench first, the pipe is then snapped together, a screw is drilled through each coupler to insure that it stays together and duct tape is wrapped around the joint..

Sand placed in the front right bunker before we left for the night.

Sand in the rear bunker.

The complex at the end of the 3rd day.  Its shaping up very nicely!

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