Thursday, December 1, 2011

Metrolink work

The trees have been cleared from #1 as a part of the metrolink repair project along the ditch.  There is a 350' section that has been exposed at the turn on #1.  Orange construction fence has been put up for your protection.  We asked that openings be placed in the fence in case a ball lands just on the other side of the fenced area in the turf.  The graded or no turfed area should be considered off limits for your own safety during this project. 

The box culvert and rock fill will rise up about 10' from the bottom of the creek.  The box will be covered with soil near level to the grade that was along the fence before the construction began.  I realize the area has been opened to view from the metrolink tracks but the newly expanded fairway(completed after box is installed) and improved rough should be beautiful.  The health of the turf in the fairway and rough should improve dramatically due to increased sunlight and improved drainage in the fairway.
Below are a few pictures of the completed work over the last couple of days. 

Trees removed in preparation of the work.  This view is looking  back from near the green.  The two pin oaks to the right side approach of the green will not be disturbed.
Another view of the work.

Brush removed and the logs being cut to where the trackhoe can load them onto a dump truck.  The crew is standing near our old fence line.
The trackhoe working near the culvert that goes underneath the tracks.  The right side of the road is next to where our existing fence was located.

Another view from the 160-180 yard mark from the first mound on the right..  The mounds will be flattened and dirt pushed toward the fence line.  A gradual incline will be put in place to  help slow balls and direct water toward the new drain catch basins we intend to install.

The two large oaks that were located to the right of #1 tee were removed and stumps ground in about 4 hours.  It would have taken my crew at least 3 days to remove these and about $300 for stump grinding.  Hiring a tree company would have probably cost about $ 2,500 so this was a good deal to include this in the project.

The cleared area looking from the area between 1-18.  To the far left is the construction fencing being put in place.

A closer view of the fencing going in to protect our turf area as well as protecting you from the construction zone.

The cross under in the metro link tracks where the new culvert pipe will dump its water.

This view is looking back toward the tee.  Once the culvert box is put in place on the left and the fill dirt will be put in place, the area should be near level with the right side of the disturbed area.

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