Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sewer line repair

MSD cleaned the sanitary sewer line and placed a video camera throught the system to check for damaged and or blocked pipes.  They located one and the repairs are being made today in the left rough of #8 about 100 yards from #8 green.  A contractor is digging the hole and replacing the damaged clay tile with a new pipe.  They will backfill the hole (8'x 3') with dirt over and we will sod it in later winter once we are sure it has settled completely.   

Beginning the week of December 19th, Insituform is being contracted by MSD to place a liner inside the sanitary pipe throughout the length of our property.  There will be some large trucks on property installing the liner.  The surface is not disrupted during this process except possibly by the trucks moving around the property but this damage will be repaired by the contractor if it occurs. 

Contractor digging up a 10' section of sanitary sewer pipe that was broken.

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