Friday, February 17, 2012

#1 Metrolink Project

The box culvert along #1 has been completed covered with soil and rough graded by a dozer.  The old ditch area has been filled with over 10' of box culvert and soil which has drastically raised the level of the area between the metrolink and mounds along #1.  We hope to move the soil from the old mounds in the next couple of weeks.  This soil will be pushed toward the fence line and will be rising slightly to the fence to assist balls in staying in play.  This will also force the water to the catch basins and we will then pipe the water to the ditch.  The fairway will moved approximately 5 yards to the right and will be sodded with zoysia. The remaining area damaged from the construction will be sodded with fescue.
The view looking toward #1 green.  

I'm standing on the back side of the mounds looking approximately 3' below to the new  level in the ditch.

The view from the fairway side of the mounds looking toward the ditch.  The soil in the foreground  will rise gradually to approximately 2-3' above the edge of the fairway.

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