Friday, February 17, 2012

First concrete being poured for the Marvin Pierson Memorial Plaza

Great progress has been made this week.  The first concrete for the project was poured today for the foundation and floor of the fountain.  Approximately 22 yards of concrete were used.  Monday the forms will be put in place for the fountain walls and we expect to have them poured on Tuesday.

The walkways in front of the Olympic Room entrance is scheduled to be poured on Monday.  We expect the Olympic Room entrance will be ready for use on Tuesday, February 28th.

Staff assisting our contractor in getting the base of the fountain prepared for concrete on Thursday.

Our staff removed the plants from in front of the clubhouse.

Rebar being installed for the foundation and fountain floor.

Work that is not a part of the Pierson Project but was in need of repair.  Dale Plaggenberg  removing the old door and framing in a new window.  Our staff installed drainage along this area to reduce future water issues.

The sump framing which will hold our drain and pump for the fountain.

Our contractor beginning their concrete work.

The first truck almost empty.

New window in place and framed.  Dale in the left background.

Truck #2.

The finished product 22 yards later.  The walls of the fountain will come up 16 inches from the top of the  form and will then have a 4" limestone cap placed on top.  This will be at a height for anyone who would like to sit and relax and enjoy the view.  

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