Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Marvin Pierson Memorial Update

Work is beginning in earnest on the Marvin Pierson Memorial Plaza.  Our staff is digging the footing for the fountain foundation and base.  12" by 12" trench is being dug along the asphalt so forms can be built in preparation for the concrete curbing along the circle drive.  If the rain stays away tonight, the pathway leading into the Members/Olympic room entrance to the club will be dug out and prepared for pouring.  We will be involved in installing drainage along the walk and against the building near the Olympic room.  Below is a recap of the work over the last couple of days.  As a reminder, donations are still being accepted for this great improvement to the front of our beautiful clubhouse.  You may contact Mary Martin to make a donation.

Friday after the staff went to lunch, I was up in the accounting department and happened to look down at the dump truck and thought I saw smoke coming from under the hood.  As I checked it out, had to get the fire extinguisher out and do some fire fighting.  Staff came dashing up from lunch.  I thought we should call the fire department in case it got out of control.  As you can see from the picture, they made sure everything was completely out.  Luckily, the truck still is running after disconnecting a couple of wires.  Always something.

Skip is digging out the area where the delivery trucks back into the unloading area.  The practice green is directly to the right.  This will improve the radius for trucks to back up so they can stay off of the curbing and lawn.  The turn at the drive entrance to the portico will be widened as well to make it easier for our members and guests to turn into the driveway.

Our staff digging out the footing and base of the fountain in front of the club.

As we dug the footing, we ran into a block of concrete about 2' x 2' with a large pole coming out of it.  We are not sure what this is from.  Possibly a flagpole that was once in that area.  Maybe one of our long time members can help us with this mystery.

The footing has been dug out as the bottom of the fountain.  

Another view of the fountain area.  In the background, our staff is digging the trench for the new concrete curb.

Another view of the curb being dug out for the concrete contractor  to put the forms in place.

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