Saturday, March 3, 2012

Metro Project

The driving range part of the metro link project is complete.  The rock that was used for the roadway along #1 was moved to the dirt path that our staff used to go to the back area of the range.  The damaged area where the culvert was installed was graded, seeded and strawed.  Our bin area was put back together and a new parking area made out of gravel was established for staff and equipment parking.  Asphalt repairs will be taking place in the back gate entry to the club up to the parking for the short range early next week.  A majority of lower lot area will be replaced as will in total the road leading to my maintenance building from the main lot.  All the above listed work is a part of the agreement between Glen Echo and Metro and require no cash outlay by our club.

We will be working on #1 this week in an effort to get that area restored.  Sod must be removed so we can tie the new work into the fairway, catch basins installed, drainage lines installed and the complete area is to be sodded with fescue in the rough area and zoysia in the newly formed and repaired fairway area.  Fence will then be installed when the turf work is complete.  All of this work is paid by our agreement except for the zoysia sod and drainage work that we must complete.
Rock drive leading to the back of the driving range. 

Strawed and seeded drainage basin beside driving range.

New parking area for staff vehicles and equipment.  During the main season parking was a premium, now we have some additional space.  The area from the greenhouse, back to the storage building and up to the main parking lot will be removed and new asphalt but in place.

New sand bins installed and ready.  We will be removing the material out of the back parking lot in the near future and get it placed back in the bin area.  We had a standard block wall that was made into four bins.  We requested only 3  be put back in place and the large 4,000 ea. blocks will work perfect for our operation.

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