Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pierson Memorial Update

A great deal of work was accomplished this week in front of the clubhouse.  The Olympic Room entrance(Casual) is the door that should be used by all members and guests through the week of March 6th.  I expect to have the Formal entrance open again on March 13th.  The pouring of concrete will be completed on Monday in the fountain area, under the portico, the cross walk in the delivery area and the sidewalk extension to the swimming pool.  They will still need to do some saw cut patterns to the concrete, clean, and seal it and it will then need to set for a couple of days.

Our plumbing contractor on Monday will be installing gas lines for both the fountain flame and the fireplace for the living room which the club will be replacing.  He will also be installing a water line to the fountain area.  In the next couple of weeks, our electrical contractor still has to run his lines through the already installed conduit and complete his work.  Painters will be applying an epoxy to the pool bottom and will be doing a clear coat on the handrails for the Olympic/Casual entrance once they area installed in the next couple of weeks.

Our staff will be busy with back filling along new curbed area both with topsoil on the turf side of the curb and rock on the inside in preparation of asphalt repairs.  This also includes placing soil back in place against the new plaza in preparation for irrigation changes, lighting and new sod for the entire front lawn area.  Some of the old sod is still in place so it will need to be stripped as well as we preparing the lawn.

The planting areas need to be brought to grade so that irrigation can be replaced where needed and then the lighting contractor will then install the up-lighting to the building and the walkways which should be spectacular.  Our horticulturist Becky Edwards has been busy preparing  plans, visiting growers and ordering plant materials for both the  Olympic/Casual entrance for the Pierson Project as well as work the club is doing to renovate the two ornamental beds in front of the main dining room and living room.

Sorry for so many pictures but being out of town this week at the conference, I was not able to blog regarding all the work that was being completed on the project.  Harry took pictures and sent them to me to keep me appraised of what was taking place.  The internet and smart phones area a valuable resource for our operation.

New curbing next to the living room and around to the scoreboard.  

Drain tile placed under the curbing.

Forms for the plaza area and rock base being installed.

Same area looking back to the portico.

Curbing along 18 that was lost with the overlay last year in front of the clubhouse on the main drive.

Two corners of the front lawn were widened to ease the tight corner for delivery trucks and for members/guests wanting to use the portico area.  We had to cut the irrigation line and lay new line back further into the lawn.  New pipe and wire being laid in the trench.

The area next to the delivery driveway.

I asked Harry to take me a picture from the portico offices so  I could see how things were laying out in regards to the plaza area.  This will be a great gathering area in the future.

Small lawn area near the crosswalk/delivery area.  We are planning a complete redo of the irrigation  for the lawn area since it is broken and split now with the new plaza being put in place.

The walk way that leads from the plaza area over toward the putting green/pro shop.  The will be a great new feature for our outings and guest events.

The same view but pulled back.

Walkway area around the fountain.

Same view but from the other direction.

Concrete just poured and color applied to walkway leading to practice green.

Plaza area in front of portico.

Curb near cross walk between two entrances with drain installed to reduce standing water which has plagued this area.

The left side of the plaza/fountain area.

New curb along practice green area.  Some of the sod and soil above the curb will need to be removed so that we can tie in the two areas.
Oreo-Botta staff preparing area for more concrete in front of portico.

Area under portico with old pavers removed.  Once the gravel base for the pavers was pulled out, we found  another layer of asphalt that had to be removed.  Skip is digging out the area just past the portico so we can install new subsurface gutter drainage and sleeves for the lighting contractor that will need to cross the roadway for the new lighting system.

Looking out from the portico into the new plaza.

The area that Skip was digging, Skip, Russ and Tom getting area ready to attach pipe.  In the background, you can see a white pipe sleeve that was used to go under the concrete curb so we could insert out pipes into after the curbing was poured.

The area under the portico where we had to remove asphalt as well.  We are eliminating the small 4" step into the club.  Both front doors will now have no steps leading to and or entering into the building.

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