Friday, March 2, 2012

Poa/crabgrass management of long range tee

Half of the driving range tee was sprayed with RoundUp and preemergent at the same time that I sprayed the fairways in January.  The tee has been over run with crabgrass and goosegrass over the last couple of  years and the bermuda grass is very strong on that side of the tee.  I decided to not spray the left side because the bermuda only covers about half of that area.  The rest is poa and ryegrass.

We will use the overseeded section during the spring and once the bermuda begins to grow we will use this section of tee as well.  I will be spraying preemergent on the left side but it will not effect the existing stand of grass.   

Poa annua on the right side of the tee that was sprayed with RoundUp.

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