Saturday, March 17, 2012

Metrolink Project #1 sod work

Our staff installed drains in the #1 area late last week and finished graded the area in preparation of sod which was laid on Thursday of this week.  The contractor laid almost 3300 yards of fescue sod and about 520 yards of zoysia.  I was a little short in my estimate on the zoysia which is why there is a small area not filled completely.  We expect if the sod fields dry and our area dries that the remaining sod will be laid later next week.  This area will be roped off and is closed to golf until the sold fully roots and can handle foot traffic.  Be very careful in retrieving golf balls because the area could be extra soft.

The fencing contractor was in and set posts on #1.  We requested of metro that they place a fence in the area that was cleared along the length of the buried box culvert that was placed between the tracks and the driving range.  The mesh should be installed on #1 early this coming week.Asphalt repairs were completed in our maintenance area and road.  The back gate area will be closed on Monday and Tuesday in preparation of new asphalt being applied over the area that was damaged by construction traffic.

The staff stripped of the sod that was left on the mounds as well as into the fairway.

Irrigation lines rose up into the old mounds.  The line was exposed and then lowered into a deeper trench.

Staff replacing a head that was originally removed.

Skip installing drain lines.

Tom  assisting Skip with drain line installation.  This work was completed on Friday/Saturday of last week.
Staff connecting the lines into the 18" catch basin.
A view from the cart path with outflow pipe being prepared to be dropped in the trench.

Jeff and Skip adding some sand to help bridge the pea gravel from contamination.

Skip beginning to finish grade the area in preparation of sod.

Lady checking out the area to make sure Skip has everything under control.

Skip and Tom ripping out an additional 150 feet of fence which metro agreed to replace.  Some of this fence was destroyed by a large oak last summer.

Staff doing some final touch ups in preparation for sod.

Fence contractor drilling fence post holes.

Contractor installing fence at bottom of swale on the long range.

Missouri Turf Company laying sod.

Sod being laid along metro tracks.  White line designates new intermediate line to the left which will tie into the expanded fairway.

Tractor picking up big rolls of sod.

Laying sod near metro tracks.

New sod, looks great.

A view from the cart path.

A majority of the turn area with new sod.  We were short about 50 yards of zoysia and still have the corner to sod in fescue and the remaining construction road.

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