Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pierson Memorial update

The finish line is in sight for the Pierson Memorial Plaza.  Our staff was busy this week laying rock into the areas that were torn up by the new curbing and drainage/conduit cross cuts that were necessary during the construction.  Asphalt was laid in these areas this past Thursday.

Our plumbing contractor hooked up our water and gas lines.  The electrician from Kay Bee was out and did more of his rough in work required for operation of the pump and lights for the fountain.

Our staff was beginning the process of getting the grade set in the two ornamental beds in front of the living room and dining room area but the rain stopped that work Friday at noon.  This work will be completed early in the week so our lighting contractor will be able to do their work later this coming week.  Once that work is complete, we have to till in some nice compost so Horticulturist Becky and staff can get the plants put in place and get the area mulched.

Irrigation must be completed in the ornamental beds in front of the casual entrance as well as the club lawn area.  Dirt work is still needed to be completed for the front lawn so it can sodded as well as the curb area needs some back filling as well.

The limestone cap for the fountain pool was delivered on Thursday from the quarry in Indiana.  An interesting fact that I was told about this quarry.  There is a section of the quarry that the stone for the Empire State Building was used.  his section of quarry is only used for the Empire State Building when repairs are needed.  I am waiting to here back from our brick layer regarding the fountain facade and cap work.  I would expect them to be here within the next week or so.

The circle area will be completely seal coated after all of our work is completed which will improve the look of the old asphalt along with the new patched areas.

The corner near the delivery area.  The expanded turn will allow trucks easier access into this area and hopefully keeping them off of the turf.

Inner curb back filled with asphalt along the main roadway.

Wider entrance for those coming from the main parking lot when dropping off  someone at the portico entrance.

The cross cut for the main drain line leading to the storm sewer drain.

Looking toward the portico from the main road.

Same area but looking back toward the main parking lot.

Cross cut and curb backfill looking toward #18.

Back fill along the curb and crossing areas in the delivery area.

Patching of the old paver crosswalk and the new concrete crosswalk.

Looking toward the portico from the new crosswalk area.

Staff from Byrnes & Jones Asphalt complany applying the asphalt at the delivery area.

Same area after it was rolled.

The horrible old step area leading from the main parking lot to the  formal entrance.  

From the old steps looking across the old paver crosswalk area.

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