Monday, March 12, 2012

Pierson Memorial Update

I sent an email blast over the weekend with a detailed list of the work that still needs to be completed for the Pierson Memorial.  Below are the pictures which recap some of the work from last week.

Our contractors stamping the walkway that crosses the delivery area.

Skipand Nick trenching across the road with the drainage pipe that is being installed.

Tom Lewis breaking through the old curb so the drain can be placed underneath the new concrete curb.

Tom digging under the new curb so the pipe can be laid.

We are expanding the ornamental bed irrigation out a few feet because Becky will be expanding the bed out toward the main road.

Our contractor smoothing gravel under the portico in preparation for concrete.

The view from the plaza looking back toward the cross walk.

The concrete under the portico being finished.

Skip digging out the soil from the expanded driveway near the truck delivery area.  Rock is being placed in the bottom of the area.

The piles of dirt being removed from the front of the clubhouse.
A view from Monday 3/12/12.  Its looking better!
The expanded area after gravel has been compacted with a plate vibrator.
The drain line that was going across the road has between 18 and the tennis courts.  It will be  connected into the storm drain from the road.
The connection installed on 3/12/12.
Sod removed along the curb of #18 so soil can be added for a smooth transition between the new curb and the existing turf.

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