Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day   

I was blowing leaves off of the fairways this morning which gave me some time to think about my father.  He has been gone 20 years now, sometimes it seems like forever and other times it was just yesterday.  He would have loved driving up and down the fairways, watching the sun come up on a beautiful June morning with me here at Glen Echo.  He gifted his four sons with a love of the outdoors.  

Dad had the opportunity to play Glen Echo in a superintendent fundraising tournament in 1990 with Superintendent brother Ed and myself.  Overhearing a conversation about a job opening during dinner led me into this great profession three weeks later when I was hired as an assistant superintendent at Sunset CC and have never looked back.

My dad was a great man.  I was given great memories and lessons about life from him.  I miss him.


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