Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tree Management Program

A standing dead and a weakened tree were removed near the fence line along #3 late last week  The staff have also been pruning red maples and other trees that are dangerous for operators to work around while they try to trim around the 1,000 or so trees we have on property.  The work will also assist our members and guests who might end up underneath one of these trees so they can identify their golf ball and make an attempt at advancing it toward the hole.  The staff  have also been involved in the yearly pruning of the Amur maples that line the roadway along Lucas & Hunt Road.  A new sidewalk and signs have been installed which required some additional lift of the trees so that road signs could be seen by motorists.  There will be ongoing tree management work as time allows over the next month or two.    

Cutting down the stump of the dead oak and preparing to cut up the  pine that was dropped nearby.

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