Friday, September 7, 2012

#2 Fairway widening at green and bailout area

During Kye Goalby's discussion with the Green Committee regarding the bunker restoration work last month, he also proposed a couple of other ideas regarding the course and potential changes.  One of those changes that the committee wanted to see implemented was a slight widening of the fairway of #2 and a bailout or short grass chipping area along #2 green.  Kye's recommendation of this change involved a couple of different points.
  1. The fairway and entrance to the green on the right side narrows rather quickly with the slope moving to the right.  As we all know, many balls struck fairly well end up short and right of the green.
  2. A large pine tree was directly adjacent to the green with limbs extending only 25' from the green.  As the tree continued to grow, it would extend even closer to the green.  A shot slightly off line would deflect off the green bank and would end up on bare ground under the tree.  Wrong tree in the wrong place directly next to a green and planted at the bottom of the green bank..  Pines, spruces etc should not be planted in or around green complexes. 
The newly expanded area is  the pointed shape.  The fairway unit mow within about 25' of the green in the front and the tee/approach mower mows to the collar and will mow the new area to the right of the green.

Those of you that have played in the last couple of days have seen the trees that were removed.  I think the new view of the hole exposes the green surround, the slope of the surround and the movement of the right side of the green.  Initially I felt the work would be completed next week but after meeting with Kye yesterday and marking the area, it is larger than I first anticipated so I believe we will delay the sod work until next spring so it will be ready for the summer next season.  

I felt it was important to give you a view from overhead and a little more description of the work planned.  

As I'm typing this, we have gotten about an 1" of rain from the first wave of storms that have just moved through.  Enough already!

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